February 11

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AHHHH It is great to be back on the horse and behind the camera after my bout with C0VID!

Very recently we launched our very first webinar, it is a webinar unlike any other, real raw and above all interactive so you can actually interact with us instead of just sitting and watching.

At the end of the day, this webinar is the result of a year's worth of Publishing Discovery Calls where we learned so much about what people want from us and what they want to achieve for themselves, we took all this knowledge and over the space of a 4 month period packaged up into a single webinar training video.

It is the biggest and best training we have done to date, and make no mistake there is real training in there not all cringy sales copy.

Also, we offer some very valuable free gifts for anyone willing to give us their time for an afternoon.

So to learn more about this watch the video above and you can get access to our webinar training via the link below.


About the Author

Dan is an Amazon KDP original. He has been working with KDP since 2012 and has mastered the art of passive income using Kindle Direct Publishing. Dan has been so successful with KDP that he has been able to do it full time and completely transform his life. From a regular guy down on his luck and homeless to becoming truly financially free with KDP. Dan has now decided to share his knowledge and has received great satisfaction helping to transform other's lives. Join Dan's program today at www.periodtimepublishing.com

Dan Pye


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DO NOT buy my course

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