May 23

Scarcity vs Abundance Mindset WTF is that Anyway?

Let me explain! 

People who are not around BIG money find it extremely hard to believe that anyone can make $10k+ per month in a moralistic way, that's a scarcity mindset, and it's TOXIC!

I'll speak in terms of metaphor...

There are two camps in the world and the camp you teach how to cut firewood and collect food is going to be living in ABUNDANCE as the other camp withers starves and eventually dies!

BUT here in lies the problem...

Camp One, is full of a scarcity mindset, they are scared that they might pick the wrong berries and get sick, or the axe might slip and hurt them, they have all the same capabilities as Camp 2, they are able-bodied and can cut wood and find food BUT they choose not to, mostly out of fear!

The tragedy is that camp two could live in abundance as well, but they CHOSE scarcity...

 So, the point is we all are filled with scarcity and abundance, we yearn for abundance but our scarcity lizard mind works HARD to "keep us safe" but as you can see from the above analogy, lots of the time 'safe' can mean death, both in a physical sense and a metaphoric sense!

Here is the thing, winners choose to accept losses and because of this they will eventually win!

Losers will never accept risk, they will point fingers and ridicule those who do accept risk, call them all kinds of names, names that can never penetrate the human living in abundance, all while the losers won't realize they are sabotaging themselves; they live in scarcity and that's where they will unfortunately stay!

So, here's the question, I challenge you to truly dig deep, think about this with not only your brain but your heart, look into the mirror, and ask yourself what camp am I in?

Enjoy the video and if you are ready to live an abundant life, the link is 👇

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