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Amazon KDP: How do you scale organic books sales

Amazon KDP: How do you scale organic books sales

How do you scale your organic book sales?

Great question and here is how we do it, holding nothing back on this one.

The first thing you must remember is that there is a reason that a particular book is selling over others that are not. Even if your good seller is seasonal, you might put its sales down to being in the season but that’s not all at work here. Many books are in season right now and NOT selling, so the question remains, why?

Well, it all starts with doing a detailed analysis of our best sellers.
The first thing to do is consider your variables, how many elements can you break your book down into?
Every micro-industry is a little different, but the premise remains the same.
LCBs, Ghost-writing, Authored, Public Domain same concept, slightly different variables.

As I work with public domain, I will list our variables below:

   •   Popular?
   •   Fanbase?
   •   etc

   •   Popular?
   •   Seasonal?
   •   etc

   •   Catalyst moment?
   •   Writing style?
   •   etc

   •   Colours?
   •   Fonts?
   •   etc

   •   Subtitles?
   •   Categories?
   •   etc

   •   Amazon?
   •   Google?
   •   etc

Now it may not just be a single variable that is driving your sales, it is important to ask as many questions about this as you can come up with against each variable and then analyse your answers, for that variable.

Once you have done this, analyse the variables against each other. This should result in the beginnings of a publishing strategy and as we know all strategy is ever moving, requiring continuous improvement until you have it dialled in, from that point you run with it, publish more books that are directly in line with this data and create more winners.

If the strategy starts to slow you will need to revisit the data. This is the premise of business.

The biggest takeaway here is to remember you are now a businessperson, it is now time to own that title and begin to truly travel your path.

YouTube may have helped you understand how to publish, now you must innovate, flex, bend, stretch and begin to truly operate as a businessperson.

You see the secret to scaling your best sellers organically is not just strategy it is thinking differently, and you should do this for every single facet of your publishing business.

Now is time to step up and treat this business with the respect it deserves, you can become 100% free from your publishing efforts IT CAN FREE YOU, you must understand that focus all your intellect into this business, another thing is to own your failures, it’s the only way you can make them into wins.

I believe in you, you got this, now own it!


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