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The Struggles of My Past

The Struggles of My Past

WARNING Long Post – But well worth the read!

This is the Author Introduction section for my new book and if you haven’t read it already I highly recommend it because this is much more than an intro to a book, it is an insight into who I am, the trials I endured, and the fact I when from rock bottom to one of Australia’s top income earners purely on drive and determination alone, some call it mindset.

The point is, not only will you know a bit more about who Dan is but also understand the direct collation between your own thoughts and your future success. Below you will find proof that no matter where you are in the world, no matter where you are in life, there is always hope, but hope alone is not enough, you must have grit!

Ok guys, enjoy…

My name is Dan Pye and it is a true privilege to be able to write this book for you. I am in a unique position to be able to give you not only advice but proven sound advice when it comes to creating success with Self-Publishing and specifically self-publishing on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. So, what makes me the right guy to write this book? Well, I have been working with Kindle Direct Publishing since 2012 and have managed to really figure out the secret sauce which in turn has allowed me to build a life of true freedom and abundance. However, it was not always this way. As a young man I grew up tough, I was involved in many unpleasant experiences and was headed down the wrong path, removed from school due to my own poor decisions I began to spiral and seemingly make one more poor decision after another. I was thrust into a world I was not ready for, a world that exists but many never see, a world riddled with violence, hatred, crime, and the smell of slow soul decaying death. Then the inevitable happened I was now homeless and with the biggest adversity I would ever face would also come the beginning of my road to redemption. Living out of an unregistered car sleeping in bushland by a fire to stay warm in the winter, taking food that was not mine to take, just so I would not starve to death, these indeed where dark days but I knew deep inside my soul that there must be more, I knew I had a destiny and I was not about to wait around for it to come to me, instead, I had to create it, build it, nurture it and become it. One night when I was laying on the cold ground next to my car looking up at the stars marvelling at just how small my existence was I realized yes I am small but I can do big things, I can leave a legacy upon this world one that would be around for generations and be spoken from the lips of men for a time that will transcend the life of a mortal like me. It was this very night that I decided to make that change, to leave behind self-pity and a victim mentality and begin to shape my destiny.

Now I knew I must do something, but what? I drove around through the day for many days with no clear goal in mind but a keen eye for any opportunity that may present itself, and then I saw it, an old weathered building standing alone in a lot behind a school and the sign on that building read library. Up until this point I had never visited a library before but I realized I needed knowledge and there was no better place for me to obtain knowledge but from books, words written by humans that transcend a mortal life just like the legacy I so desperately wanted to leave behind me.

Upon entering this library, I was immediately struck by its beauty, not the architecture, not the solace silence but the smell of old books in the air, the rows and rows of history on the shelves, and the words that filled the room like ghosts of the past whispering their knowledge into my ears. I knew right away I was in the correct place to begin my journey; I was here and here I would begin to shape my destiny.
But there was a problem, when I attempted to borrow the first book I was denied because I did not have a set home address and therefore, I could not get a library card. I was not sure what to do next and I believe the kind old lady behind the counter that day saw the deflation on my face and then she said something, she said “Sweetie why don’t you take a seat down the back of the library and read your books here, and help yourself to sandwiches in the fridge at lunchtime but you must eat outside”, and with these few words, an act of simple kindness towards another human being a life was changed forever.
I am comfortable enough with myself, to admit to the world that while I write this Author's introduction and reminisce on times passed, I do have tears welling up inside of my eyes and a heart full of gratitude.

This little old lady will never know the impact she had on my life and in turn, all the lives I have been able to change since that day with just a small act of kindness, the power in caring for another stranger is majestic.
So, with that, I spent many days out of the cold in the back of that library soaking up knowledge from business experts, mindset coaches, eccentric entrepreneurs, and nonfiction authors of times present and past. It was here in the back of this musky old library I was truly born at 17 years of age.

It didn’t take me long to realize inside of this library there were 2 computers which had internet access, people would come and go all day using these machines an hour at a time, up until this point I did not know much about the internet and decided it was time for me to take a look. Each day I booked in my hour slot and I began to discover a new world, a world unlike my reality, one where I could become more than I currently was and that is just what I did. I knew I wanted to work with the internet but didn’t know how, I also knew I had to get out of my car and into a real home, and to do this I needed money. I began to apply for jobs using the internet and after many emails saying “Sorry you were unsuccessful” I got a yes. This taught me a valuable lesson, no matter how many no’s you get eventually you will get a yes. The internet had quite literally saved my life, it was not long before I was making money working in a dirty old factory. I had grown up and I had grown up fast. I reunited with my family and now I was walking a different path. Not long after, I met my first love, and still, at age 17, we moved to another state together for a fresh start. Four years passed, and I worked many different jobs, some in senior management others in entry positions but the job I worked was never important to me, what was important and still is to this very day was building a business and doing it with the internet, the same internet that saved my life back then in that old library.

I had many businesses, an online Fashion label called Vamp Empire Fashions, an outdoor hunting equipment eComm store named Taipan Combat Equipment, and more. Four years later my life was to take a turn, I moved back to my home state where I began working in another factory, it was here I tried my hand at offline businesses, I had a custom furniture factory building timber bunk beds among other various businesses. All eventually failed it just was not my time to find success but I learned so much over these years about business and what it actually takes to find success. In truth it takes everything you have; success is never easy and if you're told by anyone it is then you are being lied to.

Fast-forward to 2007 and my first son was born. At this time, I was running my own online company called Constra IT and Marketing Solutions, I had taught myself every night after work to build websites, market on social media, and run SEO on google. I was making decent money but it was just enough for my family of 3 to survive. By 2011 I had my second child on the way and I was frightened, I knew my marketing business could not support another mouth and I needed to make a big change or go back into the 9-5 rat race. For me, this was NOT an option.

At the beginning of 2012, I discovered Kindle Direct Publishing or Create Space as it was called back then. A very good friend of mine told me to look at it, he knew I was all about business but was struggling to make it work and had struggled for over a decade up until this point. So I did, I looked and I loved what I saw, this could be it I thought, a passive income one that would allow me to become wealthy and have free time to be there why my kids grew up, wow what a magical business, all I had to do is write a book and id be rich, because Author’s make millions right, well not exactly. I set about writing my first book, I wrote on a subject I knew about, raising children.

This book is still available today on Amazon, it is called “Dad’s and their little darlings”.

I published my new book so excited, ready to finally make it in this extremely difficult world of business, now was my time I thought. Then I waited and nothing happened, not one sale nothing. What had I done wrong, I used all my SEO skills to publish this book, it has visibility but nothing is happening? What was I missing?

Time went on and I tried to publish easier faster books of which are called low and no content today, I again used all of my SEO skills to publish these titles and some did sell but it was nowhere near enough. I was juggling my Web development business by day and publishing books all night; it was exhausting and I was getting nowhere. Now its 2012 and my second child was brought into this world, it was such a happy time but always in the back of my mind I had this nagging pain, the pain of failure, how was I to provide for my family.

I got lucky, I landed some larger contracts for SEO which carried me and my family over the next two years but over this time period I never gave up on publishing. Every night I sat at my computer and tried and tested everything, I exhausted all of my knowledge bases, I knew this was the business that had the power to change everything but I just could not make it work.

In 2014 this all changed, I was visiting a friend of mine who was in the music business, he was showing me his home recording studio and talking about his business structure, then he told me that he was making a killing online selling music that he didn’t even write. He showed me his numbers and I was astonished. That evening I left his house thinking could this be applied to books?

I went straight home and began to research and after some time I realized yes it can. Now I am onto something, this has to be it. So, I began publishing blindly, book after book and the money began to come in, more than ever before but it still was not enough. I needed a strategy, I needed structure. I thought back over the past two years and re-read all my notes from every test I ever did with Create Space, it was here I seen it, the pathway had been in my notebook all along. I strung together this strategy and put it into action. It was this defining moment that changed my life forever. I was now making more money than anyone else I knew who had a regular job, I had done it after 14 years of failure I had finally done it.
Over the next few years, I set about improving my strategy every single day I worked until I believed it could not get any better than it was, and then I took a break. It was at this point something amazing happened, I was no longer publishing and yet every single month like clockwork a consistent lump sum of cash would arrive to me in the mail in the form of a Well’s Fargo check from America. Wow, I can retire I thought, and I tried but that is not who I am, I quickly remembered that promise I made to myself on that cold night in the wilderness laying on the ground next to my beat-up old car whilst looking at the stars, I promised that I would build a legacy, I promised myself that I would build something so great that it would be spoken about after my mortal time on this plain would come to an end, so I set about making that a reality, after using the income from my publishing business to invest and start many more businesses I am today very financially secure, my family is safe and well and for the first time I have the chance to build that legacy and that is precisely what I am doing right now. It is my goal to touch as many lives as I can during my time and for that to continue when my time is done.

The vessel I am using to achieve this is called the KDP Permanent Cashflow Program. Since 2012 I have been perfecting this program through painstaking trial and error inside of my own publishing business and now I am giving all that knowledge to you, the people of the world. I want to impact your life the very same way that little old lady in the library did for me when I was 17 years old.

Now my story does not end here, I believe it is just beginning.

I do find it ironic that my journey all these decades ago began with a library, a book, and a dream to work with the internet, now many years later the vessel that is going to allow my dreams of legacy to become a reality is again a book, the written word, and the messenger the internet. Destiny is real but it is not predetermined instead it is built, built off your own back, your own sweat and tears, it is you who determines your outcome and you alone, the universe will test you over and over again but it will also allow you enough opportunity to succeed if you have your eyes open and are prepared to bleed. The written word changed my life at the age of 17 and now I can harness its power to pass onto you two decades of opportunities collected through hardship and triumph and save you that pain of failure.

The only question that remains is, will you take it?


I hope you got something out of this, now if you are ready to say NO MORE to the struggle, you want answers and truth in your business then Book A FREE Call by clicking on the button below and let's get you started!

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Dan is a distinguished pioneer in the Amazon KDP community, with expertise honed since 2012 in leveraging Kindle Direct Publishing for substantial passive income generation. His journey from overcoming personal adversities to achieving full-time financial independence through KDP is not only inspiring but a testament to the transformative power of digital publishing. Dan's commitment to empowering others is evident in his dedication to sharing his insights and strategies. By participating in Dan's program, you're not just learning how to succeed in publishing; you're gaining access to a life-altering opportunity. Discover the blueprint to financial freedom with Dan at

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