November 10

Actions and Destiny

Actions and Destiny

Do you believe in destiny?

You have more power to shape your destiny than you may believe. There are of course certain things we can not influence but by creating systems aimed at a desirable outcome and taking directional action inside said systems on a daily basis, absolutely the desired destiny or outcome can be achieved or at least partly so.

The only sure way to failure is to do nothing.

Here is an example, a young man may have the goal of being a Father, he will take action by finding a suitable partner, eventually procreating and the birth of his new baby takes place, destiny partially achieved.

However, the target has now moved, this young man wants to be there for his new baby, he wants to see him grow and influence his son based on his own good morals, to achieve this he must become a provider and mentor.

He then sets a goal to learn new wisdom every day by reaching back in history to console the brilliant minds of the past through the written knowledge placed in books. Over time he becomes somewhat of a philosopher himself.

However he knows if he is to raise his son right he must NOT be gone for 80% of his Son's waking hours, so a plan, a system is developed to sell books on Amazon, with time his system is honed in, intentionally improved until it is certain to offer this young Father the opportunity to raise his son as a present parent, to distill his good values upon his boy and prepare him to be a member of this worlds community.

10 years pass and today this young man is an older man fulfilling his desired destiny one step at a time, day in and day out, smiling at the outcome of his efforts every morning when he opens his eyes and reads that ancient wisdom with his son, today that man is me!

You see, some things will just be, but many will only be if you do nothing. What are you destined for?

What do you want to achieve in your life that you believe you have no power over?

Do you really believe your destiny is written or are you writing your own book?

I shaped my destiny and I continue to do so every day that I still draw breath, the beautiful thing is if your goals aligned with mine in any way at all then I can help you reach them much faster than the 10 years it took me.

Financial Freedom is only a decision and action away, your decisions have consequences, good or bad, that is up to you!

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