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Ghost-Writing vs Low & No Content Books vs Public Domain

Ghost-Writing vs Low & No Content Books vs Public Domain


1. Ghost-writing, 2. Low Content Publishing, and 3. Public Domain Publishing

Let’s now take a closer look at a comparison between these 3 methods.


This is a very common form of publishing and essentially is the process of hiring an author to write a book for you inside of a targeted niche or genre.

It is a very costly exercise because you have to hire a writer and then an editor and then you need the book to be proofread and formatted, the last part of the creation process is paid ads

But it does not stop there, it is very time-intensive as well because you have to do a ton of research to take a gamble on your niche and then you have to build an email list, Facebook group, and reach out to niche-specific influencers for marketing. Not only that you have to then post content daily to your audience to keep them engaged.

So, what is this extremely long and ongoing process going to cost you?

Well at the very minimum it will cost $2000 to launch a single book and that is just the upfront cost. Yep, if you have seen ads about Ghost-writing before, they did not tell you that, did they?

Ok moving onto method 2


This is the most common form of publishing and consists of designing and publishing books like planners, puzzle books, coloring books, lined notebooks, and the likes.

This space has a very low barrier to entry, meaning almost anyone can do this as long as you have an internet connection.

Due to this almost every low content book market is saturated. You also need to purchase a couple of subscription tools to make the design aspect work. You cannot publish these types of books in eBook or audiobook format so you are relying on only one form of media but the biggest issue with Low and No content books is the massive competition

This creates a vortex and sucks in all your time, doing hours of niche research trying to find that obscure magical niche that is not completely saturated, then spending copious amounts of time on keyword research, and in the end, you get very little return because the competition is just so high, not to mention due to very low-quality books flooding the market Amazon is assessing their policy around these types of books, it is just not sustainable for them.

So to sum it all up, this is really a high output low return form of publishing.


This strategy is extremely unique and the process we have been doing for a decade with huge success. The student results I showed you on this site, that is all Public Domain, our results, Public Domain.

So just to touch on what Public Domain is again…

It is the process of working with books that are no longer under any copyright law, classic books that are already written and written extremely well, like Moby Dick or Sherlock Holmes.

We take these timeless tales, breathe freshness into the pages and re-introduce them to an eager buying market.

Unlike the other methods, there is a high barrier to entry which ensures we have very low competition. The international law around these books keeps the low-quality publishers away from our market and only allows for publishers like us who have the complex law figured out to publish in this space.

We also have no need to market our books. When you launch a full form book in the ghostwriting space, you are an unknown, you as an author, your writing style, storyline everything is an unknown, so you have to convince your market that you are worthy of their money, with Public Domain, the market already knows our books, they already understand the value, so we do not have to prove this through marketing.

This guys also means no paid ads, instead, all we have to do is put our books in front of our audience organically, through Amazon and Google SEO, which brings me to my next point, passive Sales or passive income, this can only be achieved if you are selling organically if you have to run ads, it is not passive, our sales happen on their own while we sleep.

Now remember guys, organic is also free, this is huge because this business actually costs zero dollars to run, nothing nada. I’ve been in business for 25 years and I am still yet to discover another business that has zero running costs, this is very unique.

So, it's organic, does this mean a lot of work?

Well yes and no, I’ll always be 100% transparent with you guys always.

Upfront you need to put in at least 2 hours a day in order to build your book catalogue up, but once your reach a certain level of passive income you can quite literally retire, and your sales will keep rolling in month on month.

Over the years we have devised methods to undertake the process of, research, keywords, manuscript creation, and Cover creation extremely fast without sacrificing quality at all. This allows us to publish anywhere between 3-9 high-quality, highly desirable full content books every single day.

I have to mention this again guys because it still blows my mind, this entire process, of publishing Public Domain books is absolutely 100% free to implement

So, let's take a look at the big picture;

  1.   You can publish 1 book every 1-2 months that costs you $2000 minimum to launch with ghost-                writing.

  2.   Or you can try and enter an already flooded market, taking you around and around in a frustrating         circle publishing Low and No Content books.

  3.   And lastly, you can publish 3-9 well-known and respected high-quality books per day for free!


I don’t know guys, to me that seems like a no-brainer.


PS: Want to learn how to do what we do? Then simply CLICK on the button below and take our free training, lets get you started!

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