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Dive into our treasure trove of insights on this FAQ page! Here, we’ve meticulously curated a selection of videos addressing your burning questions. With handy timestamps and a repository of text-based answers nestled at the bottom, we've streamlined your journey to enlightenment on Public Domain Publishing. Discover the bountiful opportunities awaiting, when you venture into this realm.
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FAQ Video #1
What is Public Domain Answered...

Dive into this video where we clearly break down Public Domain Publishing for you. But wait, there's more! We also shed light on other intriguing publishing avenues such as low and no-content publishing, and employing a ghostwriter. Stay tuned as we objectively discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each option to help you make well-informed decisions in your publishing journey. Let’s get started!

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See what's covered in the video.

The Business Model
Ghost Writing Comparison
Low Content Comparison

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FAQ Video #2
Detailed PD Publishing Q&A...

Immerse yourself in the treasure trove below - a compilation of three distinct videos where I was quizzed with some top-notch queries about Public Domain Publishing. Seamlessly woven together for your viewing pleasure, this resource-rich video is power-packed! While it’s a generous serving, worry not! Should you seek answers to specific questions, the timestamps are your express pass to jump right to the golden nuggets you seek. So grab your notebook and let's dive in!

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Questions answered in the video.

Free books - why would people buy them?
Competition - What about it?
Success - how many hours a day?
Are you different - or like all the other gurus?
Location - Will it work in my country?
No experience - Can I still do this?
Tech - Is it very technical?

Free to do - What are the hidden costs?
Legal rights - Is there a copyright?
Why Teach it - If it works so well?

Competition - They are selling the same book?
Free to do#2 - What are the hidden costs
Legal rights #2- Is there a copyright?
Two accounts - Can I do that with KDP?
In the program - Is it video or 1-1
Why Teach it #2 - If it works so well?
Saturation - If you teach more people will it become too difficult?
Students - How many will you accept?

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Check out the text FAQs below...

Are the above videos timestamped?

Yes of course, we want to make this process as painless for you as possible, please see the image below to learn how to access the timestamps.

Q1. "How do I know this will work for me?"

This is a very comprehensive business module, a formula to success, not just with KDP but in all business and your personal life as well. If you dedicate the time to learning the content and then implementing the content, there is next to no chance that you will fail at this business. Let me put it this way, I have student's enrolled that speak no English, ZERO, and they have all managed to interpret the program, implement it and become successful using this strategy, that is how comprehensive this program is. However, you will have zero chance of success if you simply fail to try!

Q2. "Why is it so expensive?"

Well, the truth is, next to other business opportunities it is not, consider buying into a franchise business and the CEO offered to help you build that business daily for the 1st 90 days, that would literally be worth Millions of dollars. This is no different, you will be building a business that will personally pay you for the rest of your life and I will help you do that daily.

Let's also look at it from a math standpoint, if it takes you 4 months to reclaim your initial investment, this means you're doing at the very least around $400 per month, and for some reason, you stop right there and do not continue with the program, by the end of 12 months you will have made $4,800 in passive income and much more if you do not stop there of course. You see, your initial glance say's "Wow that expensive" but when you look at it in terms of ROI it's totally underpriced.

Q3. "Who is this Dan Pye person and why listen to him?"

That's me! I'm not a special person or someone who holds some kind of official standing in society, I am a regular Australian man, a father and spouse really no different to you, but I am a serial entrepreneur. If I really think back when I was 8 years old, I sold paper t-shirts in the playground for lunch money, yes it goes that far back.

Over the years I tried my hand at many businesses and I had wins but I never quite succeeded. Eventually I found myself flat broke and without a home, this is when I developed my Amazon strategy. Amazon's KDP changed everything for me, I worked at it for 2 whole years before I figured out the secret sauce so to speak and then my life changed forever.

KDP has allowed me to comfortably father 4 children, purchase multiple properties and most of all given me financial freedom and cashflow to pursue my more audacious dreams.

So yeah, I kind of know a little about KDP, over the past decade I have honed and refined the process and this is the very same process you will now have access to when you join the Period Time Publishing Program.

Q4. "Are there any hidden costs?"

Absolutely not, you will remember from the above answer that I was homeless when I developed this strategy, I literally sat in the back of a library using free 1-hour internet slots day in and day out building what was to become the catalyst business that changed my life.

 Really it is ironic that I built a book sales business why surrounded by books, I am actually in the middle of writing a book about my life story so I won't go into this too much more detail on that and get to the point.

There is ZERO cost associated with implementing this business model besides your initial investment. Now we are adding a paid ads module inside the program but this is optional and not required to be successful with this program. So in short, once you're in and become a student there is nothing more to spend, zero, zilch, nada, nothing!

Q5. "How much time will the course take?"

We focus heavily on getting straight to the point, this means I share my screen and show you precisely how this is done, step by step in great detail. Because of this, we have had students complete the entire training in a weekend and be publishing by Monday, however, I do suggest you give it at least a week to really let the content marinate.

When it comes to time, you need to spend working inside your new business it can be as little as 2 hours a day, this is all I spend every day on my business, 2 hours in the morning and I am free for the remainder of the day. Now in saying this, it might take you longer to meet each daily goal when you first begin but as time goes on you will become more proficient at implementing the workload and you will get it down to 2 hours a day max.

Q6. "What do I actually get when I join?"

You will get immediate lifetime access and updates to the training course material, there are hours of short easy to follow over the shoulder video lessons which will become available by way of an email the moment you register for the program.

You will also get immediate access to the Bonus modules and previous coaching content. On top of this, you will be able to apply for our paid Facebook student group and also get access to the daily coaching server as soon as you log in to the student portal, follow the instructions, and ask to be added. 

Q7. "I've done these courses before and they don't get completed, or I don't get any results from them?"

This is a huge problem inside of this industry and we are aware of it, this is why our approach to training is unique, the entire first module consist of extremely high-level mindset coaching, I have worked with some of the world leading entrepreneurs and spent well over $50,000 on personal development, everything I have learned that helped me become self-accountable, consistent and measurably effective is inside of this module. In truth if the first part of this training does not get you motivated and keep you taking action then there is nothing that will.

On top of this we have the daily coaching server where I will be encouraging you consistently to keep chipping away at your dreams, I will become your personal accountability partner and I will call you out should you fall behind, this is the most important business you have ever been involved with, there is no room to slack off.

We also have one more little motivation technique, you will receive a weekly email from me asking how you went with the specific module, I do expect to hear back from you.

Now as for not getting results, there is very little to say here but if you do follow the program step by step, stay accountable and implement the productivity measuring techniques taught inside the program then it’s not even possible for you to get zero results.

Q8. "How does the investment back guarantee work?"

This is much better than a refund for a number of very important reasons, some being:

  1. You will be accountable for giving the program a real solid go, making sure you stick around long enough and be consistent enough to see the power you have in your hands with this new knowledge.
  2.  If I just returned your money to you the moment it became difficult for you then this would be doing you a major disservice. Instead, I am going to teach you to make your investment back and then double it and triple it and get paid for the remainder of your natural life.
  3.  If you have followed the program to the letter and after 180 days you have not made your investment back (That won't happen) then we will work with you daily until you do make your investment back. This way we will be able to assess your account personally and pick out any mistakes that may have been made when you implemented the strategy, because the only reason that you would not have made a return on your investment is if the strategy was not being implemented correctly, and this does happen because everyone absorbs the knowledge taught in different ways and interrupts it differently however with the daily coaching program, and book reviews we pick up such things way before the 180 day period.

So that's it, make your investment back or we will pretty much do it for you!

Q9. "What kind of support do I get in this program?"

Well, there is the standard email tech support and the paid student Facebook group (Free for you) but the thing that makes this program really unique is the daily coaching.

Every student currently inside the program has said their success so far has been enhanced greatly by the accessibility all students have to my team, and I, and the speed at that their questions are addressed.

You see in the group coaching all you have to do is drop your question and if another more experienced student does not put you on the right path my team and I browse the coaching daily and address any and all questions posted within 12 hours, often with a personalised video, showing you precisely how to overcome your roadblock.

In other words, you will get an answer on the day you ask the question, with no exceptions.

Q10. "When does the program start and what happens if I miss a classor go on vacation?"

The training starts the moment you register and buy in, you will be sent an instant email with your log in details and instructions, all you have to do is go to the student portal, log in and get started.

It's not possible to miss a class because all content is available to you immediately and for life. This is really a learn at your own pace environment however, in saying that we do suggest you stay consistent and allocate a set amount of time each day to getting the job done so you can begin to implement the teachings and start to make some money.

Q11. "Is there a payment plan to help split the payments up and make it more affordable?"

Absolutely yes, it is my intention to give everyone who is mentally ready to succeed a chance at this program, so there is an option to pay over a three-month period splitting the payments to make it easier to handle, however, this option is a little more expensive as there are merchant costs to us in order for us to offer you this option, so I would suggest taking the pay now option should you have the means to do so. 

Q12. "Am I to young or old for this?"

NO, this is a myth, my son started learning this business at 12 years old and my current oldest student is retired at 68 years of age and bord.

Look you are never too young or too old to seek success, follow your dreams and achieve your life ambitions. We only have this one life that we for sure know about, so it is important that you do take risks, follow your heart and make the very most of your time here no matter your age. DO NOT ever let anyone else tell you any different!

Q13. "What if I'm not ready now, can you hold my spot for a few months?"

We are only taking a limited number of students at this point so I can give you my all in the coaching sessions, it would not be fair if I had to spread myself to thin and only give you all part of my attention. However, the beautiful thing about a learn at your own pace environment is you can access the program right now today and then begin your learning journey when you are ready to do so.

Q14. "Will this work in my country?"

The answer is YES! I have developed this program in such a way that you can implement it from any country in the world, if you have a laptop, the internet and Microsoft word then you are set to go.

The biggest issue people have with KDP is getting paid from certain countries that do not offer bank transfer integration, this is a non-issue for us. My team and I have devised a number of ways to circumnavigate this problem and have done so successfully for many of our students.

The second biggest issue is tax, certain countries that do not have an Income Tax Treaty with the USA have to pay a whopping 20% tax, well not anymore, we have also found a very unique way around this issue. So, in short YES it will work in your country.

Q15. "Do I get 1-1 access to Dan Pye personally?"

Yes, but there is only one Dan Pye and many of you, so, we have other coaches on duty as well. Dan is very active in the daily coaching server, you will never have a question unanswered that is Dan's personal guarantee.

In the future Dan may offer a more personalised one-on-one service with a fee for those students who have found success and want to take it to the next level but at this stage the daily coaching is your best option and an option not offered anywhere else.

Q16. "How long until I start the training?"

You will gain access to the content within 5 minutes of signing up and paying for your training, however, as this is a learn at your own pace environment you can begin the training at will. I do suggest that you stay consistent however and allocate a set amount of time to the course every day in order to achieve the optimal results.

Q17. "What if I don't have an Amazon account?"

That is perfect, the biggest issue I have seen so far is trying to get students to unlearn what they think they know from watching to many YouTube videos. Look if you have been trying and it is not working for you then there is a reason for that right?

YouTube is great but your only getting half the story. So the fact that you do not even have an account excites me because you are approaching this material with fresh eye's, you will learn, interpret and implement the training without any preconceptions and in many cases it's the new to the game students that excel the quickest.

Also this is a complete comprehensive training, I show you precisely how to create an account, the different types of accounts, the tax W8-BEN form, just absolutely everything you need to know in order to get started with KDP.

Q18. "Do I have lifetime access to the course, what about updates?"

100% YES, once you join PTP family we will look after you for life. The material is yours to browse, recap on and comment on for life.

Whenever there is a policy update via Amazon, we update all of our material accordingly and will notify you of where you can find the updates so there is nothing that goes unnoticed.

So, the short answer is Yes you have access for life and Yes you will receive updates to the content for life!

Q19. "Can I sell books in my country only?"

Absolutely not, Amazon has marketplaces all over the world and we sell online in all of them. There are no restrictions. Amazon will pay you in USD or EUR which will be easily converted into the currency of your country of origin before it hits your bank account. So, we are not limited to our home countries, we are building global businesses.

Q20. "What kind of business would I be running?"

So we run the publishing house model, which means we operate as a traditional publishing house, we work with a pool of authors in many genres publishing their books and collecting royalties for sales. The big difference is we do not share the royalties with the authors because these books are in the public domain so you keep all the profits. So, essentially you would be classified as a small publishing house business. You are not limited by boarders either, you can do this from anywhere in the world even as a traveling nomad.

Q21. "Will Amazons 3 book per day policy effect my success?"

The quick answer? No need to worry about excessive volume.

In our early days, we were churning out 5 to 10 public domain books daily. But guess what? Through innovative process improvements, we've managed to produce just 3 to 5 books a day—yet achieve the same stellar results. And back then, we were only dealing with paperbacks.

The real magic? We've taken it a step further. Now, each day, we publish only three titles but turn each one into a triple threat: paperback, hardcover, and eBook. That's nine fabulous products daily!

This savvy strategy lets us diversify our catalog without overextending ourselves, reaping the same, if not better, rewards. And here's the kicker—many of our students publish even fewer titles and still hit their targets!

Q22. "Can I have your coaching program for free and pay you from the profits?"

I understand you're curious about why we don't offer a "pay later" option for our coaching program. Here's a straightforward explanation:

1. The Importance of Initial Investment: There's a simple truth in business and life: people often don't fully commit to something they haven't invested in. We've seen this firsthand. In the past, we offered scholarships into less fortunate nations, thinking we were helping. But not surprisingly, even those who could benefit the most everytime didn't engage enough to get anywhere. Why? Because when something is given freely, it's often undervalued. It's a human tendency to put more effort and value into things we've personally invested in, succeeding at business is not easy and if you do not have a steak in the game at the first sign of hardship people quit.

2. Sustaining Quality through Financial Commitment: This isn't just a course; it's an immersive 1-1 coaching experience. We pour significant resources into every student, from personalized guidance to extensive support materials. This level of personalized attention requires ongoing financial input from our side. Imagine if we based our entire operation on the hope that everyone would eventually pay – it would be unsustainable and could compromise the quality and future of the program.

3. Operational Realities and Costs: There's a misconception that online programs are a one-time effort with endless passive income. This couldn't be further from the truth for. Personally, I dedicate at least 13 hours a day to this program. Our monthly running costs are steep, averaging around $40,000. This isn't a scheme; it's a serious, long-term business commitment to our students.

4. Mutual Investment for Mutual Success: Our experience shows that mutual investment leads to mutual success. When students invest in the program, they're more likely to persevere, engage deeply, and ultimately, succeed. This is about more than just financial transactions; it's about a commitment to change and growth.

5. Selective Partnership for Serious Candidates Only: We aim to collaborate with individuals who show they're serious about this journey. Having skin in the game is crucial. It's easy to quit something that costs you nothing, and our program is not designed for quitters. We look for dedication and commitment – qualities essential for success in this field.

6. Policy and Governance: You are different and offer personal promises, while appreciated, cannot override established policies. As a legitimate company, Archived Press PTY LTD operates under board-set policies. Even I, as the founder, cannot make exceptions to these rules. This ensures fairness and consistency for all our students.

In summary, while the idea of a 'pay later' option might seem appealing, it doesn't align with the realities of running a high-quality coaching program. It's about commitment, value, sustainability, and mutual investment. We're not just in this for short-term gains; we're building a community of dedicated, successful individuals. Joining our program means joining a network committed to real, lasting success in the world of public domain publishing.

Q23. "How do the books get printed and shipped, and what about copyright?"

Great question and the answer is Amazon prints and ships the books for us completely free of charge!

Many other's have asked this question before you, watch the video below where I go over this in detail with Mark who was interested in PTP and is now a star student.

PS: We also discuss the copyright laws.

Q24. "What compels individuals to buy public domain books available for free online?"

Surprisingly, it's not just about accessing literature but experiencing it. Physical books offer a tactile satisfaction that digital counterparts can't match, echoing a profound connection to the content within. Our insight into market desires ensures we meet this need, making free versions merely a shadow of what we offer.

Q25. "How do you rise above the competition in the public domain sphere"

Our strategy transcends the usual market competition through innovation and unique value, effectively making rivals irrelevant. Our cost-effective approach and unique market insights guide us and our students to untapped areas, ensuring overlap is virtually non-existent.

Q26. "What daily commitment is required for success in this niche?"

Remarkably, a mere two hours a day can set the stage for monumental success. Dan's own journey from a nightly commitment to a thriving empire is a testament to what focused effort can achieve, proving that transformation is within your grasp.

Q27. "What sets your public domain program apart? "

Boasting over a decade of expertise, our program leads with unmatched strategies and legal insights, making daunting challenges like law and policy navigable. Our holistic support and continuously updated tactics provide a clear path to dominance in this space.

Q28. "Is this model viable on a global scale?"

Yes, and impressively so. Our model thrives across borders, empowering individuals in even the most financially restrictive regions. Accessibility and inclusivity are at the core, breaking down barriers to entry worldwide.

Q29. "Are experience and technical know-how prerequisites for success?"

Contrary to common belief, no prior experience or tech skills are needed. Our program is crafted for universal accessibility, focusing on strategic learning and practical application, demystifying the path to success.

Q30. "What are the financial prerequisites for starting this venture?"

Uniquely, our business model requires no initial or ongoing investment, setting us apart in the entrepreneurial world. Our commitment to zero operational costs reflects in our all-inclusive training, providing unparalleled value and true passive income potential.

Q31. "How are the legal and platform-specific requirements managed?"

Our approach, backed by a significant legal investment ($8k in legal fees), simplifies the complexity of compliance, offering a seamless experience. This investment in legal clarity is shared with you, ensuring your journey is as smooth as possible.

Q32. "How do you ensure the market remains uncluttered and your offerings stand out?"

Through meticulous market analysis and a deep dive into customer preferences, we craft strategies that not only avoid saturation but propel our publishers into niche markets ripe for success. Our data-driven decisions ensure you're always ahead of the curve.

Q33. "Q33. Why share this lucrative opportunity and cap student numbers?"

Driven by the dual motives of personal ambition and the desire to empower during times of need (We launched during COVID lockdowns sharing our secrets for the 1st time to the world), Dan's sharing of this strategy opens the door to significant personal and financial growth. The limitation on enrolment underscores our commitment to personalized, in-depth support, ensuring each student's journey to success is well-navigated.

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