December 9

I can’t vs I can | Business Mindset

I can’t vs I can | Business Mindset

Our Entire Existence

Who we are, how the world unfolds, our successes and failures are all molded and transformed by OUR PERSPECTIVES!

"I can't afford it"
"I can't afford to not do it"

"I'm broke"
"I will change my situation"

"I'm not smart enough"
"I will take more time to read"

"It's too risky"
"Death without knowing is the biggest risk of all"

"What if it does not work"
"I will make this work at all costs"

You notice that the first group of statements are self-defeating statements, if you talk like this in your own head then you have already lost and will continue to lose over and over again.


Take a look at the second group of statements, what do you see there?
I'll leave the outcome of having a willing mindset totally up to your perspective!

The only question that remains is who the hell are you?

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