December 17

Transform Yourself Before New Years – Dan Pye

Transform Yourself Before New Years – Dan Pye

The Season is Upon Us

The New Year is almost here!

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution?

If so SCRAP it right now, do you know the statistics behind successful execution of a New Year’s resolution?
74.02% of the population make a New Year’s resolution, but only
3.7% actually go on to achieve it.
This is because the “New year, New me” mantra is a farce for “I’ll put off changing my life for the better until I can get over the festive season”, it is literally a way to say, “I will” instead of “I am”. So, you make a resolution, then start strong in 2022 but as work returns, life folds back into a routine, a mundane routine that will have you making the same New Year’s resolution next year!

Do you know what I do instead?

I have ALWAYS started my biggest projects in December, ALWAYS!
In fact, I started my Public Domain Publishing consulting business in December and worked on it from my laptop of a night while away on holidays with my family.
See, no New Years' resolution, and a year later, I am still here, still going strong…

In fact, I do believe it is detrimental to your success starting anything big as a New Years' resolution, it's just a cultural routine and done by 74.02% of the population mindlessly every year with a whopping 3.7% success rate.
If there is something you want enough, a change that you long for deep within your soul then it MATTERS NOT when you start it, in fact, you should start right now!
Making big decisions at times when nobody else will, soon shows you just how much you want your reality to change for the better.

So, what will it be? Are you one to go with or against the grain?

Are you ready to change your life now and not be one of the 70.32% of people who will be making the same New Years' resolution again in 2023?

If so, then I want to talk to you, just simply click on the button below and let's hop on a call!


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Dan is a distinguished pioneer in the Amazon KDP community, with expertise honed since 2012 in leveraging Kindle Direct Publishing for substantial passive income generation. His journey from overcoming personal adversities to achieving full-time financial independence through KDP is not only inspiring but a testament to the transformative power of digital publishing. Dan's commitment to empowering others is evident in his dedication to sharing his insights and strategies. By participating in Dan's program, you're not just learning how to succeed in publishing; you're gaining access to a life-altering opportunity. Discover the blueprint to financial freedom with Dan at

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