October 12


I saw a decal that said COVID can't stop the waves...

The result was this impromptu video about overcoming fear!

Fear is the number one factor that prevents us from following our hearts and dreams, failure to try always ends in regret...

Here is my take on fear and how to overcome it.


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About the Author

Dan is an Amazon KDP original. He has been working with KDP since 2012 and has mastered the art of passive income using Kindle Direct Publishing. Dan has been so successful with KDP that he has been able to do it full time and completely transform his life. From a regular guy down on his luck and homeless to becoming truly financially free with KDP. Dan has now decided to share his knowledge and has received great satisfaction helping to transform other's lives. Join Dan's program today at www.periodtimepublishing.com

Dan Pye


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DO NOT buy my course

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