February 20

You will Lose Friends and Family

You will Lose Friends and Family

This is absolutely true!

When some people look at me they usually see two things

1. He is so lucky, he could never understand my struggle

2. Just another fake guru after my money

What people fail to see is the battle scars, ive been tied down and lashed, my back tore apart, I've been to war, won some and been completely destroyed many times over, I have knife wounds, sword scars, I've been hit in the back with arrows by the ones I loved which drove me to become a mercenary who works alone, I've been a prisoner of war, starved, mistreated, tortured...

If you could see the scar tissue on my soul you would not consider me lucky, you would be horrified, if you could look deep enough into my eyes and capture a glimps of my soul it would likely destroy you, it would break your heart...

The point is, you need to be prepared to take a bullet, they will be shot at you over and over!

People you love will discourage you, some will try and bring you down, some will plot against you, other's will be jealous and fire arrows at you back, you may never know where the next shot will be fired from but one thing thats for sure is it will be fired.


There is a light in all this dark, scars give you character, show you truth, make you strong and wise, without struggle there can be no true joy, no real accomplishment...

And here's the thing, you will loose people but you are not alone, there are others like you who will remove the arrows from your back, patch you up, pick you up and carry you out of the firing line!

Brothers and sisters who will walk beside you and make sure the arrows miss, they will watch your 6 day and night.

I have built a community just like this, people who will have your back, understand you and your ambitions where other's do not.

We know who you are because we are you and you us...

The Period Time Publishing Program is much more than just a publishing course and daily coaching program, it is a family, we respect your goals, lift you up, help you move forward without judgment, without jealously, without all the crap!

If what we do is appealing to you then you might want to take our webinar, just click the link below.


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About the Author

Dan is a distinguished pioneer in the Amazon KDP community, with expertise honed since 2012 in leveraging Kindle Direct Publishing for substantial passive income generation. His journey from overcoming personal adversities to achieving full-time financial independence through KDP is not only inspiring but a testament to the transformative power of digital publishing. Dan's commitment to empowering others is evident in his dedication to sharing his insights and strategies. By participating in Dan's program, you're not just learning how to succeed in publishing; you're gaining access to a life-altering opportunity. Discover the blueprint to financial freedom with Dan at www.periodtimepublishing.com.

Dan Pye

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