December 22

How to achieve your life’s ambition – The answers

I have come to a conclusion! 

I believe I know what's holding you back from making your wildest dreams come true in 2022.

I believe I know this because it is the very same thing holding me back, you are a human as am I, we are very much alike, there is little difference between my thoughts and emotions and yours.

As individual as we are, the primitive notions that drive us at our very cores, remain similar and they are equally as necessary as they are flawed.

Time to start living the life you feel pulling at you from withing, you feel it I know because I do too, that nagging voice saying, "you deserve more, you were meant for more, you need to make a change, is this all there is, there has to be more, I want more"

That voice also says "am I a fraud, am I even capable, I can't do this," and many other unpleasantries.

Let's unpack that in this video, perhaps spending 10 minutes with me today will alter the direction of your entire future, perhaps it won't but not taking the time to at least ponder these ideas will surly keep you where you are.


If you want to take the first step to overcome your brick walls and begin to shape and mold the life you hear calling you every dam day then click the link below and reach out.

About the Author

Dan is an Amazon KDP original. He has been working with KDP since 2012 and has mastered the art of passive income using Kindle Direct Publishing. Dan has been so successful with KDP that he has been able to do it full time and completely transform his life. From a regular guy down on his luck and homeless to becoming truly financially free with KDP. Dan has now decided to share his knowledge and has received great satisfaction helping to transform other's lives. Join Dan's program today at

Dan Pye


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