About Us

The Period Time Publishing Academe was founded in October 2020, however, our story began long before that.

In the winter of 2012, over a decade ago, PTP founder Dan Pye was heading up a fast-growing young family.

Money was tight, life was not easy, so Dan knew he had to think outside the box. So, he looked to his passions, first, he moved into writing and authoring books, this was tough grueling work, and took way too long to come up with one single product which then required extensive and expensive marketing.

He thought, there had to be a better way, turns out there was, Dan had immense respect for the classics, the old-time books filled with wisdom and fanciful tales, he also knew that these books were no longer legally protected under copyright laws and could be used for commercial purposes, but was that ethical?

Well after much deliberation, Dan decided to work with these books closer, knowing his respect for the old tales would show in his work ethic and produce wonderful products for the next generation to enjoy just as he had and still does.

But it was no walk in the park, he struggled with his Public Domain publishing business for two entire years, with many ups and downs, and sleepless nights but one day after all the hard work Dan realized that his publishing house business could cover all his living expenses, Dan only describes this day as liberating.

Many years later the PyeroMedia company was formed, under this banner, and off the back of the publishing success a multitude of LLCs were set up in various industries, some being, a start-up investment firm, real estate/construction and an education company called the Period Time Publishing Academe. This business is what you are here to learn about.

As with all things Dan’s group of companies do, PTP is in line with PyeroMedia’s motto, which is “All in or not at all”. This means that unlike any other adult education program Dan and his team have put together something phenomenal, they offer a comprehensive and interactive learning environment in the form of a course and student portal, and they coach students 1-1 and daily not just once a week over a 30-minute zoom call, and his team even spend a full hour each month for the 1st 3 months going over your personal work to ensure you are on the right track and publishing towards success, this is just to name a few things that make PTP stand out from the crowd.

So, what is it that PTP actually does at its core?

Great question, we teach a very specific business model best described as follows; we build our own publishing house companies, and we operate in this capacity as opposed to an indie author who self-publishes only one to two books per year. We only work with prolific authors of the past, classical authors, public domain authors, think, Moby Dick, or Treasure Island, this means that there is no profit share with our authors as they have all moved into the next life, so we honor their works with our product quality, the respect reverberates through each page, we ensure they live on in the form they were meant to be read.

Our students typically publish 3-5 highly sort after full content books a day, and best of all they do not require marketing because they already have demand, mass market acceptance, and often 100s of years of proven sales, due to this we focus heavily on the organic ranking which in turn produces us a true passive income past the point of publishing without the need for a traditional launch, paid ads, email lists, influencer marketing, low content book creation or anything generally required inside of other publishing models.

But what we do outside of the technical description is where our passion lives, we help regular people create generational wealth, it transcends mortal time and the income itself never stops coming in even if you stop publishing, it can benefit your children, that is what's most important to many parents or parents to be.

Imagine living the remainder of your life out, financially secure and happy whilst knowing you have left a legacy to your children and even grandchildren, that’s powerful.

So, hopefully, you now have a better understanding of, Dan, PTP, and what we offer to the community, feel free to look around and see what others are saying about our company.

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Our Flagship Program

What's Included?

Take our free training and we will teach you precisely how we publish 3-5 full content highly sort after zero-cost public domain books on Amazon every single day that makes us and our students $30,000+ per month.

Our workshop is free to attend with limited seating, when you stay to the end we will give you workbooks and video training to help you implement everything we teach again at zero cost to you.

See you there.